Announcing the Launch of “Virtually Perfect Hosting”

May 10, 2020

As I mention in my post titled “Virtually Perfect: Hosting Engaging Virtual Sessions,” I’ve been hosting a wide variety of virtual gatherings on Zoom for years now and have been delighted by the ways that they offer significant advantages compared to live gatherings. 

My embarrassingly extensive knowledge of Zoom functionality, paired with my many years of experience hosting and facilitating a wide variety of gatherings, means that I’ve been in high demand lately! I’ve been helping all sorts of individuals and groups create engaging, effective, fun, and transformational virtual events, and I’ve been loving it!

To that end, I’ve officially launched my offering, Virtually Perfect Hosting. You can also follow on Instagram to learn about the public events I’m hosting.

I offer a full suite of support. Choose one, some, or all of the following offerings for your virtual gathering:

  • Event Design – I will help you plan and structure your gathering to achieve defined goals and outcomes, whether that’s:
    • adapting an existing event to a virtual context, or
    • crafting a new virtual event.
  • Event Facilitation – I will live-host your event on Zoom, which can range from light-touch to hands-on, including some or all of the following:
    • Host Introductions
    • Attendee technology instructions
    • Chat moderation
    • Panel/speaker moderation
    • Session facilitation
  • Event Support – I will manage tech functionality (audio, spotlight, etc) during your gathering so that you don’t have to!
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Rada Yovovich is an experienced coach, meta-coach, mediator, trainer, and facilitator based in Chicago. She specializes in building leadership competencies that maximize individual and team potential, and aligning goals with values for individuals and teams/organizations to create cultural alignment and collective commitment.