Your Intentional Commute

May 10, 2020

In my last post (“Productive Structure“) I offered an “intentional commute” as a valuable ceremony to inject reflection transition into time that can otherwise all blend together. I mentioned an offering called “Your Intentional Commute” that two collaborators, Rosi Greenberg and Fahad Punjwani, and I are hosting. After receiving some interest, I thought I’d go ahead and share some more details here. I hope you join us!

Our commutes signaled a transition in our day and an opportunity for grounding at the beginning and end of our day. While we’re sheltering-in-place, we’ve lost that daily ceremony. For those still going to work, the commute can be even more stressful than ever.

Let’s gather virtually to intentionally mark transitions out of the “work” day. Join me and my collaborators, Rosi and Fahad, every weekday at 4:30pm CT / 5:30pm ET for 30 minutes of reflection and connection. While the specific format will vary from call to call, each one will be an engaging and grounding experience!

We’re keeping it audio-only to give you a break from screen time and an opportunity to focus inward. If possible, be somewhere that is kind to your body whether that’s laying in bed, sitting on a meditation cushion, or going for a walk (don’t forget your mask!).

Please feel free to share with others you think might appreciate the intentional transition.

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Rada Yovovich is an experienced coach, meta-coach, mediator, trainer, and facilitator based in Chicago. She specializes in building leadership competencies that maximize individual and team potential, and aligning goals with values for individuals and teams/organizations to create cultural alignment and collective commitment.